About Us

After reviewing our Merchant Banking definition, we hope that this will allow you to understand the scope of our services and expertise as well as our philosophy in doing business. We only get involved in areas with which we have a keen in-depth understanding whether it’s through our internal management team and/or through our extensive international network of experts with which we rely on. Our capital sources are both internal through a small family fund which we manage as well as outside sources of wealthy individuals with whom we invest with and institutional bankers worldwide with whom we have very strong working relationships with.

Our objectives are never short term thinking as we strive to create long term relationships by partnering up with companies and assisting to help them achieve their business objectives. We are “in the true sense of the definition” of what a Merchant Banker should be; we get involved and sometimes become part of the management team in order for the company to achieve its business mandates. Once we understand the needs of our clients, we match you up with the most appropriate capital source for your particular needs and that you obtain the best possible terms. In short, we:

  • have extensive experience in a lot industries, with a vast network of contacts;
  • have access to industry leaders allows to discover trends and growth opportunities;
  • provide active participation in each company’s strategic and corporate growth strategies;

Founded in 1999, HCMG conventionally invests its capital along with co-investors in early stage, micro, and small cap companies, as well as provide management and financial services to mid size companies. Our services are focused in markets where extraordinary growth and market leadership may be obtained. Furthermore, we aggressively manage our existing portfolio of investments as well as continually evaluating opportunities for investment. We continually explore markets and creating new ones to ultimately build companies that are profitable and innovative. To mitigate our risks and those of our investment partners, we conduct thorough due diligence in order to analyze all aspects, from management capabilities, financial test models and technical stabilities of the company for which we review.

Mentoring Philosophy

At HCMG, we realize that a groundbreaking innovation and a profitable early-stage investment rarely occur simultaneously. We take a carefully considered mentoring approach that both nurtures portfolio companies and significantly mitigates risk. By applying our wealth of experience in this area, HCMG accelerates the company’s growth and significantly contributes to the ultimate realization of value.